Monday, December 22, 2008


Those were the days when I was five
Holding my mom’s hand with a free mind.
Take me where ever ; I have full faith in you,
Not much do I know about this world,
You will teach me how to live life.

Those were the days when I was five.
Daddy is strong I am so small.
I love your car, jeans and your bike.
Take me again for a long long drive.
Those were the days when I was five.

O Lord oh God ; have mercy on your child
Now my life has become like a bee hive
My life has lost its charm , to live I strive.
I beg you to take me back into those golden days,
When I was a free bird, chirping all day,
When I was protected well by my parents shadow,
Take me right there, Oh Lord, when I was , only, five !!


  1. Hi Rashi!
    Really it is always nice to have at that age!Besides the thought Rashi, I liked your way of expression.You have the perfect flair!Please do write frequently.

  2. Hi Rash: I agree! It would be nice at times to travel back in time when our lives were spent playing and making friends:)