Friday, May 9, 2008

Hopes Remain...

Seasons change, so do we.
Hopes remain, so should be.

Birds in the sky, fly very high
I look at them, with a heavy sigh.

Why not wings He gave to me,
So that I could fly, also very high.

God is wise and very kind.
He gave me power to think and dream.
To hope and want ; desire for more.
With the help of these, I started flying,
And reached the sky, very high.
Where even those birds
Could not be seen.


  1. good effort rashi. may u feel the energy to continue writing. god bless you.

    neeraj bhushan

  2. Ironic! Even hope, strength and desire makes you alone in end. So true and beautifully expressed :)

  3. i becme very very happy to see your blog ,you will be a great writer your efforts are much strength , please you follow my blog