Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who is She....

She was a stranger ... she came to me.
Held my hand and whispered ..’follow me’.
Obedient was I, kept on going
She was so angelic , I was mesmerised.
We were strolling in the universe
There came the end ..
She dropped me from there
I came floating down, almost was dead.
Why did she do this?
Fake was her smile and her kiss.
I touched a surface after a long time
Whats that light, oh its sun shine.
I landed on earth, with people all around.
With faces, feelings, actions and sound.
With tears in my eyes, with heart to cry
I wish i could go back, I wish to die.
Then I saw a beautiful ocean roaring with pride
I washed my face and threw myself on the tide.
Oh what a feeling.. how beautiful is this.
Then I saw the sky so blue
The breeze, the trees were all so true.
I am loving it ... the birds the flowers
The trees the animals the rivers the oceans
Thanks to the lady whose blessings were showered.
But who was she ? Who brought me here ?
Who made me see all the beauty so real ..
She came there again ... and whispered in my ear..
I am always there with you,
To look after you , to take care of you,
To love you forever, to bring happiness to you.
I am with you when ever you desire.
I am with you in shivers and fire.
I am your guardian, God has made me so..
I love love you so much, why, even myself, I wonder.
I wish to tell you dear ,
I am none other, I am your mother.

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